V0.13.7 Component Naming Issues

Components are can be renamed but

  • Rename does not always seem to propagate to code
  • Rename sanitisation for class name does not handle all characters appropriately
  • Component name boxes on the component are editable but don’t seem to support copy/paste


  • Do not restrict characters allowed in component names, but sanitise all non-alphanumeric to “_”?
  • Make sure name changes always propagate
  • Add cut/copy/paste support to text fields, especially on components

Working on ResNet 18 implementation, I wanted to be able to keep track of where the components belonged in the architecture (independent of layout) so named one “Block 1, Layer 1, F64” and another “Block 1, Layer 2, F64”

The “,” appeared in the class name and this generated an error, so I then removed the commas, but somehow the first component ended up in the state below

After Resetting the component, the class name had been corrected

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Hi @JulianSMoore,
Thank you for the component naming issue report! :pray:
We already have a bug ticket for solving renaming after the custom code has been edited, but I added name sanitisation and cut/copy/paste to the list as well.
Update: After testing cut/copy/paste, it seems like cut and copy works fine but paste does not.

Cool, thanks.

(I’ve got some more custom component questions/issues in draft… coming soon :slight_smile: - because I decided the best way to handle zeropadding etc. was just to make a custom component, but there are a number of things I don’t understand well yet.)