V0.13.4 minor oddities - settings no longer "hidden"?

“Hiding” settings now causes the settings to be drawn outside the main canvas area - tested in Chrome (PL supported) and Opera (PL unsupported) - results the same. It happens that the main canvas area is not exactly window width so the moved settings panel is visible… but even if it were, the movement effectively increases the viewport size and a horizontal scroll bar appears. (wrong HTML visibility applied?)

Note also that this morning (after waking from sleep - the PC, not me) there was nothing in the Settings section except “Open code” for any model… until I accessed PL from Opera and then, when I went back to Chrome the settings reappeared (I had already tried F5 refresh in Chrome). Alas since I wasn’t “investigating” that at the time I don’t have more details.

Hey @JulianSMoore,
Haha I was wondering when someone was gonna mention this :sweat_smile:
We have it on our todo list, expect to see it fixed in 1-2 weeks :slight_smile:

That you don’t see anything in the Settings sounds a bit more concerning. If you find out anything more about that any details would be very appreciated, I haven’t seen it for anyone else so far.

Ha! So you’re gamifying the UI now :rofl:

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland , “Everybody has won, and all must have prizes”

I’ll let you know if the other settings issue crops up again…

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