V0.12.x major release on May 4/21

We’ve launched v0.12.x. a major release on May 4/21. We appreciate your patience as we update our docs and fix a few bugs. Comments or bugs - let us know in the Bugs and Issues forum channel.

Hi @craigm - the wording suggests that you are already aware of some bugs… can you share what they are to avoid time spent investigating a known issue?

Here is a list we have so far, it’s a nice mix of minor and larger bugs:

  • About box contains wrong information
  • Map components are spinning if starting training straight away
  • Connections stay orange until pressing on the Input component (can’t yet reproduce)
  • Ctrl+Z sometimes causes a crash
  • Open Code button should not exist for Input or Output components
  • Ctrl+Y and ctrl+Z while zoomed out causes components to have increased or reduced distance to one another
  • Tests are not removed if a model is removed
  • Run Test in ModelHub navigates to the old test view
  • Results popup sometimes show up when it shouldn’t (can’t yet reproduce)
  • Models sometimes uses the wrong data (fix will be released on Tuesday 11/5)
  • Test sometimes fails if the model or data is too large cause of a timeout issue
  • Notebook view does not work, will be temporarily disabled shortly
  • Training progress sometimes gets copied from one model to another (only a visual bug in ModelHub)
  • Models get duplicated or persist after they should be gone

Some of these you may already be familiar with from the older version as well, so we are looking to tackle them now.

@robertl Thanks for the info… it also helps to know that you have issues reproducing some bugs (e.g. connection stay orange) these are things we can pay special attention to just in case we can make them reproducible.(though in that specific case, which I think I noted to you previously, the fact that they were turning orange when they were in fact valid might be another place to look for the issue)