V0.12.3 PL does not create model

10 numerical inputs, 1 numerical output.

Nothing happens with either Run model (waited >7 minutes) or Customize (waited only a couple of minutes)

I don’t see CPU activity. It’s as though it takes one look at it and says, softly to itself, “Too gnarly, dude.”

I can go back to “Edit dataset”, but there’s no going forwards.


Or is it this: from the -v=3 output, which I spotted only afterwards (had forgotten it was on)

NotImplementedError: A maximum of two input encoders are supported right now

In which case some up-front warning would have been much appreciated because I could have spent ages whittling the data set down, looking to see whether colons in column labels were an issue, etc. I don’t see any such information in the Change Log; might be nice to include “Current Limitations” somewhere - maybe under Help “?”

Also, if it is that issue when do you expect to extend?

boss_dr10_0.zip (240.2 KB)

Hi @JulianSMoore,
As you are saying, it seems like we need some frontend alert for this error, it pops up a little here and there.

To be honest, I didn’t think we had put in a hard limitation to how many input columns could be used, you used to be able to have multiple but the recommended model did not look very pretty.
We are planning to expand on this over the summer, may start with it next month already but there are some larger UX and stability things we are tackling first.

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