[Understood, Resolutions Known & Pending] Hush. Here comes a whizz bang (0.11.11) New UI infelicities

(Title confusion resolved here)

What happened to the links in this previously well-connected model? There must be there otherwise there would be a shed-load (colloquial British English for “a lot”) of “missing input” errors.

Is it to do with this error in the console stopping drawing before it even gets there?

nternal error in asyncio.events:88: Error in create_response
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 261, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.Interface.create_response
  File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 356, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.Interface._create_response
  File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 553, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.Interface._get_network_data
  File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 83, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.NetworkLoader.load
  File "perceptilabs\graph\spec.py", line 43, in perceptilabs.graph.spec.GraphSpec.from_dict
  File "perceptilabs\graph\spec.py", line 38, in perceptilabs.graph.spec.GraphSpec.from_dict
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'spec_class'

This will be reported as a bug.

NB exactly the same error for the “original” “Seeing in the dark” model, which this was a manual rebuild of.

Other oddities:

  • Mouseover diagram randomly (?) selects “nearby” components?
  • Clicking on components causes them to move (thought it might be zoom level related, but it happens at Zoom - 100% and other values)
  • None of my models redraw now (i.e. no little graphs, images) - even if the component doesn’t “collapse” down (as those with the “spec_class” error do)

Hi @JulianSMoore,

Sorry for the issues!

Do the arrows vanish only from models created before 0.11.11, or does it happen for new models as well?
There were quite a few changes in this one, so something may have broken the old models.

For the other oddities, do they also only happen in the old models or in new ones as well?

Mouseover diagram randomly (?) selects “nearby” components?

Hmm, do you have some more details on this one? Is it when you hover over a component preview chart?

None of my models redraw now (i.e. no little graphs, images) - even if the component doesn’t “collapse” down (as those with the “spec_class” error do)

This one we are working on a fix for, it should redraw if you do a hard refresh or start in incognito mode. Or if you create a new model. There is something strange with the first model you create/open :thinking:

Hi Robert,

I haven’t created any new models and I have been a bit reluctant to until I was certain the model files only changed when I chose to Save.

I’ll give it a go now and will check out a variety of issues once I’ve done so.

One comment on the “random selection on mouseover” - no, not on hovering over a component preview chart - effect was noticed on the Seeing in the Dark rebuilt model where all components were collapsed - having failed to process the model - and so no previews were available.

Issues here attributable to a combination of causes:

  • absence of the Deconvolution in 0.11.11 (returning as a convolution setting soon)
  • uncleared browser cache after package update to 0.11.11.

No long term concern AFAICT.