Tensorflow Version, RNNs

I recently installed Perceptilabs and it’s awesome!

I have two questions:
Will the tensorflow version be updated to the latest one? Because Perceptilabs shows that its running on tensorflow 1 and not 2.

And my second question:
Will more components and features be added to Perceptilabs like an Embedding Layer or an easy way to shape data as a time series for an LSTM Layer or an easy to use Pandas implementation?

Thanks a lot!

Hi Maximilian,
Welcome to the forum and I’m glad you are liking the tool! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great questions, here are our plans and thoughts about them:

The tool will be updated to tensorflow 2, we are currently working on making that transition and it will be done with the next large release, so expect to see it in a bit.

More components and features will be added for sure. Thank you for the suggestions you mentioned and if you have any more you wish to see then feel free to send them and we will look into adding those as well.
Our goal is to let users access most of the Keras operations as searchable components.

For LSTM we are also planning do a bit of a special feature, where you will be able to customize the cell itself using components. Is that something which you think you would find useful?

All the best,

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Hi Robert,
thank you for your quick and detailed reply!
This sounds really great and I can’t wait for it!