Skin Cancer Classification

This use case cover a Skin cancer classification into 7 types . A skin cancer is a very extensive studied and important dissease in the healt care world with millions of affected people. This type of AI diagnostic allow to p revent and detect possible skin cancer in patients , helping doctors to classify and detect easily it.


We use the Skn Cancer MNIST dataset from kaggle. This dataset is unbalanced as we can see in the nex image:


We apply a data augmentation to the lower classes to try to balance all them and have a minimum of images per each class, the distribution after increase the number of images of minority classes are represented in the following plot:


You can access to the new dataset using perceptilabs github.


Layer Configuration
Input Layer
MobileNetV2 include_top=false, pretrained=imagenet
Dense Activation=Relu, Neurons=512
Dense Activation=Softmax, Neurons=7
Output Layer


Statistics View

Accuracy plot