Season's Greetings @All

Hi @everyone (which deliberately doesn’t work because: spam, but you get the idea)

Christmas in the UK is the traditional season of the jollity and generosity we so neglect the rest of the year, but, better to be mindful once that not at all, I guess. (A bit of gratitude for the good we can find seems to work wonders generally and even better at difficult times - and, wow, these last couple of years have thrown up some unique challenges.)

So I thought I’d take a moment to include you all in my traditional expression of fellow-feeling and best wishes (and let you decide whether or not to include me in yours some other time :wink: )

Hence, I just wanted to express some appreciation for everyone’s warmth & input since I rocked up here earlier in 2021. Thanks to @robertl and the rest of the PL crew for continuing to push PerceptiLabs forward and for helping out here when we, they, or it needed some extra technical love.

And thanks to @numerous increasingly active users for making this fun and productive for me with examples and really enjoyable chat - I do hope we can actually get together in real-time early in the New Year (maybe on Discord). (I’ve been working on the basis that the more I put in, the more I get out and it works for me, so I’m going to keep at it.)

Till then, Live Long and Prosper (yes, I own my inner geek), stay safe and well and have a great time…