Saying Hi in person

(Puts on best old-fashioned, irritating morning radio DJ voice…)

So a big shout out to @birdstream, @tito, @JWalker, @Kingseso, @Allegiance, @esbenkran, @Siegel and many many more… :wink:

I’ve just realised there’s the possibility of setting up video meetings on PerceptiLabs’ Slack - I thought it might be nice to say hi to various people in person - let me know “down in the comments” who’d like to join in and some idea of what day/time would be good for 30-40 mins (over own-brewed coffee, beer, unicum, whatever takes your fancy) (I’m in UK - I know several others in Europe but a few are much farther afield - we might not be able to accommodate everyone, but let’s see)

Should be like just sitting down in a bar/cafe for a get-together… except apart.

And pass it on to anyone else you’ve been chatting to here…


Great idea @JulianSMoore! :smiley:
I’ll hop in as well, always fun to chat with everyone

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Sounds great. I am in Malaysia, so I might struggle, but I would join if I can.

That puts you 8 hrs ahead of UK.

My working assumption was that it would have to be after work for most people…

But with WFH these days maybe there’s more flexibility? Let me know, people! If enough were free at, say, 11:00 UK/12:00 Europe that would only be 19:00 in Malaysia.

Let’s see what takers there are!