Reset component to unlock? (0.11.11)

The message is clear, unfortunately I can’t see what current values are.

(Does locked = non-standard settings = code has been edited? I shall assume that…)

Have the properties been rendered inaccessible because there a possibility that the code changes invalidate the properties that would be displayed here? i.e. they can’t be displayed?

Even if so, valid property values should be displayed if they exist (and I do see some some valid values - faintly). Error retrieving value would then show… “error retrieving value”?

Idea: locked/customised vs unlocked/default is just another property of a component - treat it as such and keep it at the top as a radio button? If locked, then all other values are not editable. Except it can’t be quite that simple because then I could edit the property value IN THE CODE to say it was in fact unlocked… unless…

So, I see it isn’t trivial but the implementation could probably be more helpful :wink:

Settings inaccessible

Hi @JulianSMoore,
Having the settings and the code interact better with each other is something we have looked at but haven’t started developing on yet.
How it works right now is that anything you edit in the settings will generate a code for those settings, and if you had customized the code before changing any setting then the custom code would be overwritten. So to prevent that, we lock the settings if any code has been changed :slight_smile:

It’s not the optimal solution, but it’s a way to prevent unfortunate accidents as a temporary solution while we work for the better one.

Yeah, I get the general trickiness. It does achieve the objective of preventing unfortunate accidents and that is indeed good enough for now. :+1: