Question about numpy arrays

Can I use .npy files with current perceptilabs version because I wasn’t able to choose them as I can .csv files.

@Ilya - I’m sure someone from PL will give a definitive answer but I’m pretty sure the answer is No right now. There are some Excel packages such as xlsxwriter if you want to do XL type stuff too, but you could also just use pandas and CSV export from that.

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So, what is the best way right now to pass an array of numbers now because when I thrived to use the new sistem I was able to pass only one number per column or image
(Thank you for your help)

Hi @Ilya,
As @JulianSMoore said, we currently don’t read numpy files into the new data reader.
Arrays is a datatype which we will be adding (together with text and a bunch of others) in the upcoming months. Right now there is no really good way of using arrays in the new system though.

For now I would recommend downgrading to 0.11.15 and keep an eye out for new datatypes as they start coming in.

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