Projects for Secondary School Students

Just a quick thought - I have (Mathematica) code for illustrating Activation functions and their derivatives

It seems I haven’t shared it in the forums yet so here’s a quick copy,

If you’d like a better image just let me know what size.

Thank you, those are great, but may be beyond what I am trying to teach the students. What I want them to do is use perceptilabs to learn the sign language alphabet from their own photos and then spell their name and see if it will translate correctly. Since this is a co-curricular activity and not a course then I don’t want to get heavy into the theory. I want to demonstrate what it can do and let the students who find their interest peaked to take it further. Some already study the computer science A-level and might pursue comptuer science as a career.

I have a date to start this which is the 1st November. Gotta get things working…

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