Please enable upload of ipynb or text to support report

I want to attach a notebook but currently can’t.

What is your recommendation for raising an issue with a notebook attachment? (I tried faking it by adding a jpeg extension, but it sniffed the content and said - ooh! corrupt? can’t determine image size!)

@craigm, can we look into letting these files be uploaded? :slight_smile:

Good morning @JulianSMoore,

You can now also upload these files:

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi @robertl Excellent! That will make it much easier to communicate important info without making the posts themselves too long. Many thanks!

(I assume .ipybn is just a typo here, and not in the file format list itself)

Ah yea that’s a type on my side, my bad!
Here is an example where I uploaded a test notebook: Jupyter Notebook test :slight_smile:

I’ve just uploaded one too - and then I saw your message :wink: