PL package dependencies?

Non urgent; just a request for info/insight for future reference.

TL;DR Could you share a list of the fixed PL dependencies? Then, if necessary I would know when I need to maintain a separate environment for PL. (Is the word “dependency” strangely highlighted in this or is it just me/my browser?)

In this other thread @robertl said there were - for good reason! - some fixed dependencies.

Until this morning, I was running PL 0.13.0 (released Nov 4) and had recently updated (or installed?) matplotlib to 3.4.3.

This caused no dependency conflict, so I assume (as I said once before, I have no understanding of package management) that PL 0.13.0 did not have a dependency on matplotlib.

I have just updated to PL 0.13.1 for the very latest improvements, and pip downgraded matplotlib from 3.4.3 to 3.4.2, which would seem to suggest that there is now a dependency on matplotlib.

Can you confirm that? And what are the current dependencies

Now, matplotlib 3.4.3 was released in August, so I’m a little puzzled about how the need for a dependency on 3.4.2 arose between 0.13.0 and 13.1.

Reason for asking: it’s a bit weak, I realise now (I just decided to double check details before clicking send!), but I saw matplotlib fixed various critical errors including one related to numpy 1.21… but I see now that PL has a dependency on numpy 1.19.2 so, not really needed, but wanting the latest bugfixes & features for non-PL package did prompt the investigation

Hi @JulianSMoore!

You can find the list of dependencies (i.e. packages which come with PL at installation) here:
We include all subpackages as well as its versions there, so the list looks quite large.

As for matplotlib specifically, we do have a dependency on it (using it for some of the visualizations you see in the frontend) which sets it to 3.4.2 with the note “3.4.3 introduced an incompatibility with numpy” in our requirements file.

That’s great! ( and nice anticipation too :wink: )

And with that, I can confirm that all the dependencies are in