Perceptilabs Training Dataset

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I just wanted to ask that, is there any feature available in perceptilabs that can give me separate folder to download test dataset and training dataset after we finished with the training.

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I’m not quite sure what you are trying to achieve “download test dataset… after training”? Do you mean you want all the “predictions” for those datasets?

(Just clarifying - @robertl will have to answer with specifics :slight_smile: )

Anyway… what are you looking to do with PL if you don’t mind me asking? CNN/vision or other stuff? (There are a few financial forecasters around here, a few vision aficionados, and me who like regressions :smiley: What’s your bag?)

after training, I only get confusion matrix but, I need to check which images are detected wrongly by the model.

Hi @SniperX, welcome to the forum!
Great question! Right now there isn’t any feature for that, but we have on our “very soon” roadmap to overhaul the Evaluate view which would contain similar functionality to this. More precisely, it would let you see all the images that were tested on and then show you how the model predicted on each of those images.
With this functionality in mind, would it still be useful for you to download the training and testing dataset into a separate folder?

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Hi @SniperX

That’s a very nice point indeed, and all of a sudden I’m wondering whether @robertl’s hint of new evaluation functionality would extend beyond images.

For example to regressions so that one could see whether there was anything common in e.g. categories, values to the best/worst predictions.

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@JulianSMoore great question! It will for sure extend beyond images, but in normal PL fashion start with images and then build out from there :slight_smile: