Perceptilabs not opening in browser

I try to run perceptilabs, but it doesn’t open in the browser…
I checked that port 8080 is free
I ran “perceptilabs -v=3” - attached log
it seems that there is a problem with xdg-open?

thanks for your help!

Hi Naama,
Welcome to the forum!

Just wanted to let you know that we are looking into this now, I’ll post here again as soon as we have any updates.

All the best,

Hi again,

Did it work if you manually copied the URL into a browser?


no :frowning:
I work on remote machine, so I use the IP of the remote machine in the browser - unfortunately it didn’t work.
I always work on the remote server and another web applications (like tensorboard, streamlit…) work when I use the remote IP in browser.

thank you for your help!

Unfortunately, the free version is not designed to work on a remote machine.
We do have a Docker version though, if you are interested we could take a call to get things set up.

All the best,