Model.json updated without Save + 2 other observations

(Perceptilabs 0.11.8; Windows 10)

Are you aware that the model.json files are touched (their modified timestamp changes; I assume content has in fact changed, but have not checked) even though the model has not been explicitly saved?

This has been seen to happen at perceptilabs startup; whether it happens at other times I am not sure - but I think so.

This is undesirable behaviour (and that is British understatement): source files should not be altered unless the user wants them to be.

I believe this is at least partly responsible for models becoming unrecoverably stuck in the permanent state of drawing waiting circles: nothing I can do will get them to refresh; I must restored a good copy from somewhere.

I have confirmed the original observation and in the process found a second issue…

To confirm, I

  • logged out,
  • crtl-c’d the server
  • closed the anaconda prompt window
  • started a new anaconda prompt
  • started perceptilabs
  • logged in again

only to find there were no models in the model hub. I logged out and in again; the expected three models re-appeared in the model hub list (but none will redraw in model view).

I was then able to confirm that all three model.json files were updated within 1 second of each other with no save action from me (I couldn’t have done it that quickly if I had wanted to)

Third observation

One of the three models uses the mnist normalised data; I clicked on the Local data element and noted that in the settings panel the filename shows some sort of progress indicator that eventually stops progressing.

i.e. it looks as though either it didn’t load the data on model open or clicking on the layer causes a reload; either would seem wrong: I can see that a large data set might take a long time to load but displaying the model shouldn’t have to wait, the displayed images should be restored from file. But if a reload does happen, why didn’t the downstream layers refresh properly?

Most significantly, the model is now “dirty” i.e. “unsaved”, but nothing has in fact changed.

It seems to be the act of selecting a layer that causes the model to become unsaved, as evidenced by repeating and selecting not Local data but a reshape element.

I’ve attached the textile demo model.json in zip for (28.7 KB)


Having the source files update without your involvement is definitely not intended. The only times the model should save to the file is when you press Save or when you press Run.
Thank you for the logs and the reproduce steps, we will look into it.

Note: Some of this is already fixed in the nightly build, I’ll see if we can take a little time to stabilize it and then push it to prod.

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