Model info: does it, could it...?

Keep track of the number of parameters, computational complexity of a model, by parts and whole?

It would be nice to see such info per

  • node/layer
  • group (if such an idea exists - c.f. repeating blocks of inception; possibility of defining a group and then re-using it as a template to create new instances quickly, easily)
  • model

PS Any timetable for allowing topics to be created by category, and for allowing attachments such as notebooks, text?

Great idea!
We have a similar one on the feature roadmap to be able to see for the model, but I like the addition of seeing per component/group.

And the idea of groups does exist, we will likely see them appear in the tool in a few months.

I’ll check in again on creating topics under categories and attaching more files, will update here when I have some more information :slight_smile: