Model element class not in notebook code

The model looks like this:

The class for 3_1_1 is missing from the notebook export.(but 3_1_2 is present) - it’s commented out in the list below so that other issues could be sought

layer_classes = {
    'DataData_Local_1': DataData_Local_1,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_1': ProcessReshape_Reshape_1,
    'MathMerge_Merge_1': MathMerge_Merge_1,
    'MathMerge_Merge_1_1': MathMerge_Merge_1_1,
    'DataData_Local_1_1': DataData_Local_1_1,
    'DataData_Local_1_2': DataData_Local_1_2,
    'MathMerge_Merge_2': MathMerge_Merge_2,
    'MathMerge_Merge_2_1': MathMerge_Merge_2_1,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_2_1': ProcessReshape_Reshape_2_1,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_2': ProcessReshape_Reshape_2,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_2_2': ProcessReshape_Reshape_2_2,
    'DataData_Local_2': DataData_Local_2,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_3': ProcessReshape_Reshape_3,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_1': ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_1,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_2': ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_2,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_4': ProcessReshape_Reshape_4,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_5': ProcessReshape_Reshape_5,
#    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_1_1': ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_1_1,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_6': ProcessReshape_Reshape_6,
    'ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_1_2': ProcessReshape_Reshape_3_1_2,

(and of course “graph” is still undefined)

(Final observation: after layer_classes are enumerated, there are edges and conn_info: I’m curious about the use of edges since conn_info implicitly contains edge info.)

Some time later… the class IS in the “notebook code” in perceptilabs - so I exported again, and it isn’t in the newly exported notebook (again).

How is that possible?

I can send you the notebooks (and model) in case the order of content reveals something, but here it is within perceptilabs in the meantime (just tell me where to send the info)


If you can send me the model (model.json) to me in Slack I’ll try to reproduce it on my end :slight_smile: