Missing input error

Could you identify the node missing the input in the error report?

It’s clearly a convolution, and in this case I only have one, but if >1, how would I identify it?

Secondly, this node doesn’t connect to anything, so one might ask whether this is an error at all, or just something that is ignored.

Interestingly… I added a second node: still only 1 error, maybe because the new node was never connected to anything, whereas the 1st one was (but was then disconnected and left on the diagram to preserve the settings, code etc.)?

Update I go to run the model with two isolated conv nodes and get:

Userland error in layer 1598914253772 [DataData]. Line: 74
RuntimeError(‘Not supported. More than one isolated subgraph detected!’)

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Good point with being able to tell which node produces the error, have added that as a small fix :slight_smile:

And yea, the tool does not like it if there are unconnected components :sweat_smile:
Maybe the error description could be a bit more intuitive though.