"Login will start from the beginning"?

I forget the circumstances that lead to this, but on logging in I may receive this message

Your login attempt timed out. Login will start from the beginning.

My question is: what are the consequences for me of “starting from the beginning”? I guess there must be some, otherwise why would some sort of warning be necessary?

Hi Julian,
Sorry for the late response. I was trying to re-prod the error but I couldn’t but I researched about it and it’s just you need to re-login into the tool and if you don’t restart the tool then you won’t loose much as the trained model or something.
I hope it answer’s to your question.

Hi @rohan.m

No worries - it’s not an error as such AFAICT, I think PL just changes state after a certain period of inactivity ?during the login process or as a result of inactivity, but since I don’t do anything different when this happens I wondered why I needed to know anything different was happening.

But, if there is no effect on models etc., it’s no biggie.

Oh yes, that makes more sense. Inactivity of 30 mins or more in tool can lead to a timeout. My theory was you got the timeout error because of network issue.
Thank you for sharing more details on this issue.