It's possible to use any keras dataset?

Hey there.
I was wondering if is there any possibility to use Keras datasets in the plattform, like an option

from tensorflow.keras.datasets import cifar10

in the Data Wizard or something similar.

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Hi @CamiloRR,
There is no such option currently, but that’s a great idea!

What will happen very soon though is that we are getting a new feature we call “Public Datasets” which will contain a lot more datasets than we currently have, all easy to download and use.
The goal is for this one to contain plenty of datasets from places such as Keras, TensorFlow, Kaggle, PapersWithCode, HuggingFace and Roboflow (and ultimately be a place where you can contribute datasets to as well).

To start with though it would contain around 20 datasets for you to easily use.

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