Installing PerceptiLabs and conda, zsh: illegal hardware function

Hello all,
I am a new user to the conda env and PerceptiLabs as well, I am trying to get both running, conda is running but PerceptiLabs, “pip install PerceptiLabs” seems to work, but “PerceptiLabs” gives me “zsh: illegal hardware function PerceptiLabs”. I have a new M1 MacBook, what could be the reason?

Hi @tniq

Welcome! Let’s see whether we can help… I know nothing about Macs so PL people may be able to help more, but a quick search turned up this

Now that relates specifically to TensorFlow installation, but depending on your level of technical comfort it might provide some food for thought and a couple of things to try.

I don’t suppose you kept the output of your installation setup did you? And, if you can give the console output with that zsh message in it, it will give the guys a bit more to work on (but if it was literally the only thing you got on trying to run PerceptiLabs confirmation wold also be v. useful!)