Installation issue

Hi Rob , I am getting installation issue. Plz help

Rob, I am using - Using Python 3.8.1. I tried from Terminal and from Powershell same error message.

Hi Shiam, welcome to the community!

I’ll jump in here instead of Robert.

We are currently only supporting Python 3.6 and 3.7. Please try to run PerceptiLabs using one of these Python versions and let us know if you still run into any issues.


Okay thanks. Will try 3.6 and 3. 7 and will let you know how it goes.

Sounds great @siamsoft, thanks!

@misakss, same issue here,. please any plans regarding supporting also 3.8?


Hi @miro-ka,

We definitely have plans for that, looking to have it out on 3.8 this year :slight_smile:

All the best,

I run into the same error when trying to pip install on MacOS 10.12.6. At the time the minimal requirements as stated on the website included 10.12. but those minimum requirements have been meanwhile updated to MacOS 10.14. Rob nevertheless helped me to get a previous version installed on my machine, which was highly appreciated. Thanks!


I get the same error with Python 3.7 on Windows 10.
Pls help!

Hi @Symmetry,

What does it say in the terminal if you run it as “perceptilabs -v=3”?

All the best,