How to delete a dataset?

With or without any child models…

A dataset is selected (checked) with no child models but the trash/bin/delete icon does nothing when clicked.

And if I select a model within a dataset that has only that single model, both model and dataset are selected but only the model is deleted (do I really need to type 'delete" each time - I still want to have to confirm, but couldn’t it just be OK/Cancel?)


Hey @JulianSMoore,
This is the same topic as this one from @birdstream:
The feature unfortunately dragged on a bit, but it’s in the middle of being worked on so should see it included in a release soon.

And I’ll see what we can do about the model delete confirmation :slight_smile:

Hi @robertl :roll_eyes: oops - I even remember reading your “right-click coming…” reply, didn’t pay enough attention to @birdstream’s report! Thx :smiley: