FX Dataset

Name of the dataset
Fx Data, EurUsd 1 Hour

Industries it covers

Its Deep Learning application
Recurrent NNs.

Link to where it can be downloaded

Link to where the original dataset was taken from (skip if it was created from scratch)

Size of the dataset (number of samples and byte size)
116177 entries. 7.35mb.

A preview of a single sample from the dataset
It is just numerical data in tabular form.

License that applies to the dataset (None if there isn’t any)

(Optional) A description containing any additional information
19 years of FX data on the EurUsd. Each entry represents one hour of data.


Really cool dataset @JWalker, thanks a lot for sharing! :star_struck:

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Not only is that a great dataset to make available, the summary you have provided is wonderfully clear.

:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

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