Feature requests: model management

Within the current model management paradigm of anonymous model.json containing model name, in a folder that could be named something else entirely.

The following would make model management considerably easier, at least for me:

1 Option on rename model to have PL rename the model folder at the same time

2 - Capability to Move a model, correctly updating all paths used in the model (i.e. leave unchanged if outside the model folder hierarchy, update to new absolute paths - if absolute paths are used - if within the model folder hierarchy

3# Access to the (copyable) path on disk and/or ability to directly “open folder” in OS navigator

4/ Maybe list of related files - i.e. names and paths of data files + component names that reference them

5| Capability to “archive” a model, i.e. remove it from the model hub without deleting it - since this would probably involve moving the model somewhere, this would be an additional benefit of 2 above

6_ Maybe a report on all models in the hub with their paths, dependency paths, etc.?

7: Option to clear the browser cache/index db for PL and force a rebuild from disk

Obviously if the model management paradigm is scheduled to be updated in the near future, these enhancements might not be needed/so valuable.

Hi @JulianSMoore,
Thanks a lot for the feature request, those are some great points!

We have a few tasks in the backlog which would cover most of this. We have however put it on a bit lower priority as the model management paradigm will be updated at the same time as we put the tool on the cloud.

If that delays though, we will probably add some of these to make it easier in the meantime :slight_smile:

For point 7, there is currently a (non-native) way to do this through the web console:

@robertl Great feedback again, thanks!