Feature Request: Merge Component - OP indicator

The Merge component supports 4 math operators (+, -, *, /) and concatenate.

Please would you add an indicator to the title bar to show which operator or concatenate is specified… it is so easy to get it wrong and not to be able to see it.

Indicator should probably come after the component type icon and before the label

Hi @JulianSMoore,
Great point, added a small story with it together the rest of the Merge component fixes :slight_smile:

I wonder if this would fit well with a more compact way of showing the settings of the entire model on a quick glance instead of being a one-off fix though.

HI @robertl

Settings of the entire model at a glance??

I’ve just set up something to dump the “key” parameters of my TF model in python to aid in reproducibility - and there are a lot (especially when basic ideas like early stopping involve additional parameters e.g. for early stopping - baseline or delta, patience, etc.)

[NB I’m doing this so that I can do offline hyperparameter “tuning” based on more history than I might think of in using the TF hyperparams thing and/or when there isn’t time to let the machine run all the variations]

It would be great if one could summarise a whole model “at a glance” but even if you could, I doubt the implementation would be quick or easy.

I admire the ambition though! :grinning:

I was more thinking of the settings we provide in the components, maybe whichever deviate from the standard to keep it slimmed down :slight_smile:
No real spec existing for it quite yet though, so very early thought process.

Ah; I think I’d have to see a picture before commenting further :wink: