Feature Request: component info display

Currently component settings live in the right hand panel - that’s fine for setting them

However, it would be very nice to be able to view the properties of all components at once

Would it be possible, in addition to the Preview capability, to include an Info capability - writing into the same component display area (yes, I can see challenges) to display this sort of info, from model. json

"layerSettings": {
	"Neurons": "784",
	"Activation_function": "Sigmoid",
	"Dropout": false,
	"Keep_prob": "1",
	"Batch_norm": false

It is not possible to keep track of all settings in one’s head (at least, not in mine) and having to click-select and inspect each one in turn is a nuisance: with such a display I would be able to scan a model and find e.g. the one dense component I had forgotten to switch to ReLU from sigmoid activation very quickly :wink:

Activation could be symbolic… I have pretty pictures.

NB there could many “pages” of info - each with a limited/focussed subset of component properties, with a single control to change the page setting for all components at once to keep the displays in sync.

Hi @JulianSMoore,
Great idea!
We were considering to have a info window on hover on components with similar information.
Would be really cool to have it as a quick edit window in all components though!
Could be something similar as the preview toggle we have.

Exactly! So you can see/compare all at once :slight_smile: