Feature request: browser choice

Would it be possible to specify a browser to use for PL from the command line that normally starts it?

I would like to designate my least used browser (Edge) for semi exclusive PL use so that I have a vanilla browser (no extensions) whose cache I can completely clear without causing undesirable side effects (like having to log in, reload, on a large number of open tabs).

I have noticed that simply clearing cached files in Chrome is not sufficient to reproduce the effect of using an incognito window, but from the command line, one cannot launch into incognito window.

My alternative is to change the default browser, which is not ideal.

Summary of browser-related requests to date:

  • control of localhost port number
  • choice of browser to launch in

Many thanks, Happy Wednesday :smiley:

That’s a great suggestion, thank you! :slight_smile:
I’ve added it to our feature list.