Exporting error

Hey everyone, when I’m trying to export the sample image classification model i get this error. It works fine to export a jupyter notebook, not a tensorflow model though. Has anyone had the same issue?

   Internal error in asyncio.events:88: Error in create_response
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 261, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.Interface.create_response
      File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 481, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.Interface._create_response
      File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 607, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.Interface._create_response_export
      File "perceptilabs\mainInterface.py", line 636, in perceptilabs.mainInterface.Interface._create_response_export_tf1x
      File "perceptilabs\coreInterface.py", line 351, in perceptilabs.coreInterface.coreLogic.exportNetwork
      File "perceptilabs\coreInterface.py", line 389, in perceptilabs.coreInterface.coreLogic.exportNetworkV2
      File "perceptilabs\coreInterface.py", line 193, in perceptilabs.coreInterface.coreLogic.startCore
    TypeError: startCore() takes exactly 4 positional arguments (3 given)

    This will be reported as a bug.

Hi @Toernblom,
Seems that one slipped past us, sorry about that!

We will have a fix for that one shortly.

Ah, no worries. Glad that its getting fixed :slight_smile:

Hey, any ETA on when the fix is up? :slight_smile:

Hi @Toernblom,
Sorry for the delay on the update, I estimate Tuesday for next week :slight_smile:

All the best,