Error: Invalid parameter: redirect_uri


Somewhat new to machine learning but Two Minute Papers’ last video motivated me to try. Got PerceptiLabs installed but I am getting “Error: Invalid parameter: redirect_uri” in chrome. I don’t see anything discussed about this error so not sure what to do.

Edit: Forgot to note, I am running on Ubuntu 20.04 with Python 3.7.10. Not sure what other details to provide

after some more poking around it looks like something on yalls’ end isn’t allowing anything other than localhost:8080. I run nginx on 8080 for some home automation stuff so I had tried editing to 8081. Tried pointing perceptilabs.localhost:8080 at it too but seems like only localhost:8080 goes through?

can probably try to write some conditionals in the morning for nginx but it seems illogical to be hardcoded like this for 8080 outside of my computer? unless I’m missing something.

Hi @alice365, welcome to the forum!

As you mentioned, the pip installation has some hardcoded ports as it’s primarily meant to be used locally.

We do have a docker version which does what you want natively. The docker version is under an enterprise license, so let me know if you are interested and we can jump on a call about it :slight_smile:

All the best,