Django 404 after install

Hello, I have installed perceptilabs as in quickstart guide (tried firstly python 3.8 and 3.7 later) but all I get is this page. Before launching I checked ports mentioned in other post and they weren’t used. After launch 8011 was not used anyway.
Using W10 Pro N - 21H1 64bit
What is jumping out in the log is yellow: “GET http://localhost:8080/?token=coiN5xUriNzCYZK5Wi3o5nMxIEXbCKjlvGNC2DQ_gh8 HTTP/1.1” 404 1839

If there already is a solution for this problem I am sorry for posting it again but I sadly didn’t find anything that would solve it.

Log from python 3.7 (-v=3):
log.txt (22.8 KB)

HI @karinesX

Welcome… a friendly neighbourhood fellow-user here :slight_smile:

@robertl from PL will be better placed to address that directly, I would have suggested port in use but you’ve already checked that :expressionless:

What do you plan on doing with PL once you’re over this hurdle?

Hi and thank you for your reply.
Once it is working for me, I would try to make AI that would filter out/mark uninteresting photos that I get to store in my NAS. I have about 6-7 TB of them and going trough them one by one is not viable. So I would like to start there.
Later after I get to know controlls better I might want to try to teach another AI to tell by listening to HDDs if they are failing/about to fail.

That is such a wonderful idea! :grinning:

Hi again @karinesX

I know @robertl may not see you message till tomorrow so I’ve collected a few requests/suggestions from similar issues here for you to consider…

Firstly, because you have debug=True in Django it means that Django has reported the error, not necessarily (AFAIK) that it’s a Django issue.

I’ve had a look at the logfile (thanks for the perceptilabs -v=3 output) and the good pip check result so the only thing I can suggest to help the PL guys would be: which Python, PL, etc. versions are you running; is this a home PC (which OS?), anything unusual about the browser?

I’m pretty sure they’ll get you sorted out soon - they usually do :slight_smile:

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I don’t know what I did but it was the browser.
When you asked if there is anything unusual about it I remembered that I haven’t tried other browser than Firefox. Edge worked without a problem.
So I did the usual thing - check for updates, check if anything is blocking loading the site, added it to all exceptions that made sense. Still nothing.
So as one of the last resorts before posting update I opened Web Developer Tools and that somehow fixed the issue with loading the site? Don’t know why or how that happened, I am just glad that it works now.

Thank you very much for your help.
If you (or anyone else) need all the steps I did just dm me. And once again Thank you.

@karinesX I’m so glad that got you out of a hole! :smiley: I’ll be very interested in what you come up with… though it will be even more interesting if your ML Uninteresting Pics model is bored by my uninteresting pics too!

(I am somewhat amused that I was of some help - albeit indirectly: I usually break things :slight_smile: )

Don’t hesitate to ask for anything else.

Hey :slight_smile: I just stumbled across this, in case it’s of interest for background info…