Did You Know...? #2

A tentative hint!

Custom components can be used to store notes… I haven’t run any such model yet but there are no errors indicated and it is a useful (to me) way of keeping info in the model without embedding comments in the code of the components, which would then make them customised and their settings inaccessible via the settings panel

Admittedly I do get this “error” relating to previews when I save one of my comment components, but everything seems fine otherwise.

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Thanks @JulianSMoore this is great, and in fact something I’m going to talk about in an upcoming blog, so I’ll be sure to point to this posting.

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It would be really neat to be able to annotate components directly without “modifying code” with a little comment indicator and text display on mouseover :slight_smile: For another day perhaps.

I’m adding this to the canny feature requests so you don’t have to :wink:

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