Data settings won't load

Clicking the data settings button brings up a window “Data Settings” that just sits there and won’t go any further. It doesn’t happen right away but always seems to happen after building my own model / doing some training etc…

Unsure, but perhaps related to the [Component Previews Exist But Are Not Shown on Components]

Hey @birdstream,
It sounds like it may be connected to Component Previews Exist But Are Not Shown on Components, especially if it works for you on some other models?
My guess is that the dataset connection somehow got destroyed, which causes the data settings to crash when you try to open them, and the preview issue.

Will come back when we know more :slight_smile:

It seems the CustomLayer component is the offendor in this case :slight_smile:
As soon as it’s been added to the model (i dont even have to edit the code) data settings will not work. Deleting the CustomLayer makes data settings accessible again

Oh that’s very interesting, thanks!
Is the CustomLayer also what makes the previews not show?

It doesn’t seem to be. Not quite sure, but I think it happens when i have a lot of components… There seems to be some point when the UI gets sluggish after adding a certain amount of them. I’ll do some more testing :slight_smile: