Custom code - error mismatch: cacheing?


Note that I made a mistake and opened the wrong component’s code, but the issue itself is still valid!

Hunting down why Merge concat doesn’t work (tf.concat error: tensors should be of the same rank…) it occurred to me that maybe I should also check the data type coming in from the categorical inputs to be concatenated with floats from the numeric.

Part of me thinking maybe they are now ints and ints != floats.

So I added code to the component - and made a mistake… but when I corrected it the error is not updated, suggesting that after the first save, no other changes are actually attended to (when I reset the component the “name ‘dtype’ is not defined” message also does not go away).

Workaround/clue save and close the diagram, then reopen - message about dtype is then gone and we are back to this situation… which IS what I was trying to investigate/fix after all!

Hey @JulianSMoore,
You are correct that there is a caching issue going on with the custom code currently, we have an existing bug ticket for it and it’s on high prio as soon as someone from the Kernel team is able to jump on it :slight_smile:

I had no idea about the workaround though, thanks for the info!

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