Component Previews Exist But Are Not Shown on Components

This shows a selected component without preview, but in the settings panel the preview is clearly shown

This is the case for all components in this model right now.

(Win 10, Google Chrome, PL version from @robertl)

Thanks @JulianSMoore!
We have a fix already implemented for this, will come out with the next release.

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It seems like the bug is present again. Not sure what triggers it. But once it happens, i doesn’t recover for that particular model even if i restart PL

Ok good to know, thank you for reporting it @birdstream! We’ll looking into asap

This was a model that was created in 0.13 as well, or was it ported over from 0.12? And I’m guessing the model was working at some point and then stopped working?

This was a model created in 0.13. Unfortunately I don’t know if this problem is tied to stuff that I normally do in PL (image-image model, custom components etc) but i’ll dig deeper to see if I can find specifically what triggers it.

Ok thanks!
Also, if you can send the specific model.json as well we can take a look what causes that model to act strange