Classifying Ways to Wear a Face Mask

Whether you’re wearing a face mask or respirator for a medical profession, industrial environment, or as a member of the public, the use and correct positioning of a mask is essential for maximum protection.

Now, with the spread of COVID-19, many places (e.g., airports, workplaces, etc.) require that masks be worn and correctly positioned over the nose and mouth. To help detect and enforce these requirements, we set out to build an image recognition model in PerceptiLabs which could classify different ways that people wear masks. A model like this could then be used at checkpoints, entrances, and other locations to help staff or authorities identify individuals who aren’t complying with their organizations’ mask-wearing rules.

Dataset Sample


Model Summary

Component 1: InceptionV3, include_top=no

Component 2: Dense, Activation=ReLU, Neurons=128

Component 3: Dense, Activation=Softmax, Neurons=8

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Accuracy Plot

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