Chart Presentation

Generally the graphical presentation is very nice, quite “designerly” (to coin an adjective).

A couple of observations

  • Colour: very coordinated and pleasant but, from my optical perspective colours are too close in value - when a plot switches from training to validation values the distinction is not as obvious as I would like, similarly for min/max/average lines on the same plot. User selected colours are probably the way to go (as persistent user prefs) because I doubt you like my choices and that I would like anyone else’s :slight_smile:

  • Numerics: nice that you switch from decimal to scientific notation as appropriate but a) too many “significant figures” (in quotes because I really doubt they are all significant :wink: ) b) decimals should align on the decimal point

  • specific measures for gradients: of course we need to know that gradients aren’t vanishing or exploding but min, max and mean (prefer Mean over Average?) don’t tell me anything about the distribution - not that I’m actually certain that would be incredibly useful, rather just asking: anyone else have any great ideas to enrich the gradient info? Or is absolutely fine as it is?

Hi @JulianSMoore,

User selected choices on colors would be great!
It’s likely a little bit further away in our roadmap though, but we’ll see if we can make the contrast larger in the meantime.

Fair with the numbers, we’ll see if we can make that dynamic as well :slight_smile:

We were considering to show the gradients as a 3d plot (similar to tensorboard), but would love to hear what others think as well. Reference:

I think such 3D plots are very nice… and since I’m sitting in freezing England (it’s not the temperature, it’s low temp +high humidity by the sea) the warm colours make me feel cosier :slight_smile:

Re “the roadmap”: quite a few things suggested (by me) would fit well in user-prefs somewhere, such colours being just one example.

Would it make sense to consider the user prefs i/f and architecture sooner so that specific items could be added as effort/time permitted?

For example: to the extent you have standard colours for something, they must be defined somewhere - as soon as user prefs exist I would hope it would be easy to redirect to get from there instead. Such things look like ideal jobs for a decorator :wink:

I really like the idea of adding user preferences. We even have designs for some of it.
We have been pushing on it just to get more base functionality in and hammering out bugs, but as soon as we are on top of that mountain (sometime this summer latest) it would be great to add user preferences.

Remind me, how would your dream version of those preferences look like? :slight_smile:

It was a confusing dream: there were seven modal dialogs and seven non-modal dialogs… :laughing:

Well, just from first principles… modern browser settings e.g. Chrome provide a nice approach comprising

  • heading selection on the left
  • settings with the heading on the right
  • searchability

Though I am less enthralled by the excessive white-space and irritating not-quite boxes around setting groups in each section

Specifically for PL (incl. some semi-random specifics

  • Headings reflect UI organisation
    • Misc
      • Autosave on/off/interval
      • Default path
      • Default training processor (CPU, GPU’s 1-n, etc.)
    • Common UI
      • Colour schemes (extra cred. for pre-defined di & trichromat colourblindness settings)
      • Font size
    • Model Hub
      • Columns to show (in order)
    • Model Editor
      • Grid size (it would be nice to be able to make the grid so that 1 minor unit = component collapsed height and 1 major unit = component + preview height, for example)
    • Test
  • Other
    • Component defaults
      • generic - e.g. drop-out
      • set Merge default to Concatenate, Addition…

If/when I think of more I’ll return to this…

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Thanks a lot! That’s very helpful :slight_smile: