Can't load tutorial data [because my brain is defective]


I should CREATE a model from csv, and IMPORT from model.json; that’s what I did wrong - I clicked Import and complained about not seeing a csv file. Doh.

That said, the message could be more helpful than “Fetching failed”, e.g. “No model.json was found in the specified location” - I might have realised my mistake sooner then :slight_smile:


I leave this behind so that others may benefit :face_palm:

V0.12.25 Win 10 64-bit, working environment (PL recently upgraded from 23; database deleted :slight_smile: )

Example: whether I open the folder (or merely select it at the level above) I get “Fetching failed”

(nb - one cannot see whether or not there is a csv file there, but I have checked and there is; suggestion: dialog says select a folder so either one selects a folder so it is highlighted and then confirms, or it should say select a CSV file and make it visible. Currently “selecting a folder” is done by opening the folder, which is a little unconventional)


Tried several tutorial folders and two browsers: first Edge, then, because Edge is nominally not supported, I tried Chrome. Same behaviour.


PS If one uses the Getting Started Wizardy thing, open opening e.g. Wildfires in tutorials .csv is visible and must be selected before Confirm is enabled - then the model loads.

i.e. model import isn’t working because I can’t select the csv and PL doesn’t take the (hidden file) by default.