Can't export on export page nor via github [solved]

Hi guys,

i’ve trouble exporting my model. It’s fully trained and tested but it does not show on the export page.
When i try to export it via github with this error: “Exporting failed.”

In the logs i can see a Bad Request for /github/export

I probably can’t be the only one with this problem?

Thank you very much!

Hi @user0,
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This issue was solved in Slack, so here is a summary of it for anyone else who comes across it:
There seems to be a bug with our new Export page, which we are working on fixing and will have a new release hopefully this week to patch it.
Until then, the easiest way to get your model exported is to temporarily downgrade to version 0.12.19 through pip install --upgrade perceptilabs==0.12.19 and then export it through the File menu.
Sorry for the inconvenience on this!

All the best,

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