Cannot verify email

Hi, I’ve just installed perceptilabs but I cannot verify my account as the link in the email send me to a 404 page so my account remains unverified and I cannot log in.
Am I missing something?

Hi @dlazzaro,
I’m not sure what happened with the 404 error, but we’ll see if we can’t get you manually verified from our side. We’ll update here :slight_smile:

All the best,

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Same problem here, created an account two days ago and the verification link points to a non-existing page

Hi Davide, can you provide me the email you are using to login in tool.

Hi, yes, this is the link that comes in the mail

Hi Davide, I am asking for the email address you used to login in the tool. Also from the link you shared here. It doesn’t look like generated with out SSO. It must be starting with
If you can, can you tell me steps you did to generate this link. Also please share the version.

Oh sorry I didn’t undertand it, the email adress is
I installed perceptilabs version 0.11 to build a GAN since I saw in the newer version is not possible, after istallation I ran perceptilabs and it opened a web page with the sign in or log in, I registered and the mail arrived

Hi Dlazzaro, I have manually verified you as that service is being discontinued and I would like to give you heads up that version 0.11 may be unstable too. I would suggest to use the 0.11.15 or above for better experience.

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thank you very much I will use that version you suggested