Cannot launch PerceptiLabs in web browser

hi, I tried to install PerceptiLabs on virtualenv, and successfully launched as per screenshot

It did started the web browser, but things are blank, what should I do? I tried to switched to Chrome, and Firefox, but it doesn’t work

Hi @panicpotatoe,
Welcome to the forum and sorry that you ran into an issue!

Can you open the browser console (F12) and see what information is in there?

All the best,

hello, thanks for responding. Here is the error

I think I found the problem. My company blocked some ports. It worked perfectly fine at my home internet
Thank you, Perceptilabs technical engineers spent time to support me troubleshooting


Thank you for the update, great to hear that it works well from your home internet!
We will also soon (later this summer) get a cloud version of the tool where this wouldn’t be an issue any longer.

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