Bug 0.11.15 - settings change does not set model dirty

Changing the loss function on a (classification) training component or dropout yes/no on a dense component did not cause the model to appear dirty (in need of saving) in either the model editor (no marker on tab) or model hub (no “unsaved” indicator)

Config: Win 10 Home 64 bit

Hmm, seems like in the process to make it less sensitive we my have gone too far.
Thanks for reporting it, we’ll look it over again :slight_smile:

Less sensitive? What changes should not set a model’s dirty flag? If there’s a thing that can be changed but has no effect why is it there? :smiley:

I think it used to be dirtied when saving->editing something->ctrl+Z :thinking:

Dirty flag -> dirty counter? edit = +1, ctrl-z = -1; dirty >= 0 = dirty :slight_smile:


Save = dirty -> 0, but then ctrl-z more complex because save should not clear undo buffer, thus dirty could go negative.

Just not as clean as I would have liked :slight_smile: