Auto clean-up

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Good luck with this one! I have seen a wide variety of autolayout capabilities in the context of enterprise architecture tools and have yet to see any one that works simply - I have seen it work, but it is itself such a complex capability I would rather see the very significant effort invested elsewhere.

It’s hard to do and hard to use - I really doubt the value of this; good UI control, grid-snap, alignment tools (yes!) are simpler, easier and more effective IMO.

Thanks for the heads up @JulianSMoore! :slight_smile:
It’s quite low on our current priority, but knowing this we likely will put it even lower.

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PS and just to add the to strength of my observations - one of those EA tools was a custom development for UK MoD that I worked with and in parallel with the (java) devs… it turns out to be an optimisation problem with tricky termination control and the algos for routing etc. have major side effects, etc. etc. etc.

Tell you what though, it would be a great job for some machine intelligence :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: