An error occurred while creating a model project. error code 500

Couldn’t get model recommendation due to: Error: Request failed with status code 500

An error is thrown when creating a model project. It is impossible to proceed to customizing the model after all parameters have been initialized.
Images are presented in the form of 50x200 in binary form as png files. Initialization of folders as in the examples from the tutorial, the image is the path to the image, the label is the text parameter in the image. This is described in the csv file.Screenshot_3

Hi @Acinit,
Text target does unfortunately not work quite yet in the tool (even though it’s there as an option).
Sorry for the confusion, it’s something we will look at adding in not too long.

All the best,

Well, then I’m waiting for updates, because this tool is amazing. :grinning:


I’m glad you are liking it :smiley:

One last thing, if the text parameters in the image is of a limited amount, you can try to use Categorical output instead of Text.

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