0.13.0 is now here πŸŽ‰

0.13.0 is now live! :tada:
Here are some of the larger things included in the release:

  • A new UI
  • Publicly available datasets
  • New data-centric Overview
  • Multi-class segmentation
  • An overhauled Deploy view (including FastAPI export and Gradio deployment)

Make sure to check out the changelogs for all the details, as well as the updated documentations :open_book:

Besides the tool and docs, we also updated the website and added a few Gardens :sunflower: which contain models, datasets and components that are easy to download and use.
Let’s try to make the garden grow as much as we can together!

Hope you all enjoy it and let us know what you think!


Well, I’ve already said I like it a lot, but just to add: I love the Gardens :tulip: :blossom: :seedling:

But of course that sent me off on a tangent, wondering how well a NN would do at predicting Garden of Eden states (states that cannot arise naturally from the operation of the cellular automaton), given that…

For one-dimensional cellular automata, orphans and Gardens of Eden can be found by an efficient algorithm, but for higher dimensions this is an undecidable problem. Nevertheless, computer searches have succeeded in finding these patterns in Conway’s Game of Life.

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