0.11.13 UI - significant selection issues etc

Basic observations…

  • Merge component - default # inputs = 1; should be minimum 2
  • Merge component - copy/paste source with 2 inputs… pasted component has only 1
  • Component paste - defaults to paste at top left; should be below/right of source component… (especially ungood if diagram TL is not on screen). Update: sometimes it does the former, sometimes the latter - Aha! one has to de-select before one can paste at all! Then paste occurs at last click location? Not traditional copy/paste behaviour :wink:

Now it gets interesting…

  • Drag selection (marquee) selects items outside the rectangle
  • Items can be selected if they are near a click point
  • Cannot use ctrl or shift+click to remove an erroneously selected item from (such) a group
  • some elements can’t be selected by shift+click to add to existing selection… very random behaviour
  • HA! Worked it out! Various selection issues: they’re all (selection not-inside-marquee, near click point, etc, can’t shift-click properly): selection is attending correctly to top, left, right but not bottom… previews are off… selection is in fact attending to the full size when previews are on (the only thing that changes right now is height, hence t, l, r ok but not bottom)
  • NB “size” issues with selection also affect components that don’t even have previews, like Merge:
  • AND there’s a problem if e.g. a connector passes over a component, then the selectability of the connection interferes with the parts of the component underneath that allow the component to be selected

** Other stuff **

  • Paste multuple items: all items should be selected so they can be dragged into place


Taken together these make working with the model rather challenging because one has to set things up just right and/or think carefully in order to be able to do basic stuff.

Also: please can we have

  • Ctrl+D to duplicate
  • Shift to constrain move/drag
  • Ctrl+drag to duplicate
  • etc.

Hi @JulianSMoore,
Thank you for the detailed report and wishes! :slight_smile:
I’ve added them as tickets, so we will be looking to tackle them soon.